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 **Gaffigan, James Christopher** 07.07.1966​JimGaffigan​jeanniegaffigan​gaffiganshow **Gaffigan, James Christopher** 07.07.1966​JimGaffigan​jeanniegaffigan​gaffiganshow
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 **Guevara-Prip,​ Yadira** 04.22.1995​yerbnends​yaditheyoda **Guevara-Prip,​ Yadira** 04.22.1995​yerbnends​yaditheyoda
 +**Gulestøl,​ Halvor** 05.01.1989​vENdettaCSGO​vendettacsgo
 **Gupta, Sanjay** 10.23.1969​drsanjaygupta **Gupta, Sanjay** 10.23.1969​drsanjaygupta
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