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 **Robertson,​ Sadie**​sadierob **Robertson,​ Sadie**​sadierob
 +//Robyn// (see [[r|Carlsson,​ Robin Miriam 06.12.1979]])
 **Rock, Christopher Julius** 02.07.1965​ChrisRock​chrisrock​chrisrock​user/​ChrisRockVEVO **Rock, Christopher Julius** 02.07.1965​ChrisRock​chrisrock​chrisrock​user/​ChrisRockVEVO
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 **Russell, Kurt Vogel** 03.17.1951 ​ **Russell, Kurt Vogel** 03.17.1951 ​
-**Ryan, Debby** 04.13.1993​​debbyryan/+**Ryan, Debby** 04.13.1993​debbyryan​debbyryan
 //Ryder, Winona// (see [[H|Horowitz,​ Winona Laura 10.29.1971]]) //Ryder, Winona// (see [[H|Horowitz,​ Winona Laura 10.29.1971]])
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