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 **Tonkin, Phoebe Jane** 06.12.1989​phoebejtonkin​1phoebejtonkin **Tonkin, Phoebe Jane** 06.12.1989​phoebejtonkin​1phoebejtonkin
-**Trump, Donald John** 06.14.1946​DonaldTrump​realdonaldtrump​​realDonaldTrump​realDonaldTrump​DonaldTrump+**Trump, Donald John** 06.14.1946​DonaldTrump​realdonaldtrump​​realDonaldTrump​realDonaldTrump ​​channel/​UCAql2DyGU2un1Ei2nMYsqOA
 //Tyler1// (see [[S|Steinkamp,​ Tyler 03.07.1995]]) //Tyler1// (see [[S|Steinkamp,​ Tyler 03.07.1995]])
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